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January 14, 2015
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The TRUTH About History with Keith D. Young

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It’s Think About It Thursday! This means that it’s time to take a ride on the “Higher Ground Railroad.” This episode features Educator and Entreprenuer, Keith D. Young…

Keith DYoung is the father of 2 wonderful sons, a former Detroit Police Officer (2001 – 2008), a graphic design professional with over 15 years of experience, and an educator with a gift for pulling the best out of his students. Keith is the Owner of The Creation Station CGLC (a computer training and publishing company), He also operates Serious Business Graphics—a division of The Creation Station that specializes in graphics, video, and web design.

After several years on the Detroit Police Department Keith realized that “policing” was not in the best interest of the people he was trying to serve and protect, in fact in many ways it was quite the opposite. The dawning realization that many of the so-called criminals he was called to lock up and place in the system, where in fact themselves victims of a much larger and complex system that preyed upon their very lives from the moment of their birth, caused Keith to reevaluate his career choice, resulting in his resignation from the Detroit Police Department in 2008.

Keith decided to launch a career in education, training, entrepreneurship, graphics, web design, and animation. Keith founded The Creation Station CGLC, with the goal of reaching African American youth before they got into the so called “justice system”. For the last 5 years Keithhas been successfully educating youth and adults.

One day after trying to create a family tree that explored his families past beyond that of his great grandparents and not having much success, Keith became fascinated with history. The history of not only his family but of all African American people, the drum of Africa was calling. His yearning for and study of all things African led to a startling series of discoveries about the true native and indigenous peoples of America and the world. He discovered a world of deceptions, double meanings, symbols and hidden information that the vast majority of people are ignorant of.

Keith discovered that history as he knew it was false, and the miseducation of blacks in America and worldwide had created the perception that the people of Africa and other so called “3rd world” countries are backwards and uncivilized—when in fact they are the authors and originators of the highest civilization the world has ever known, and this information needed to be exposed… his new mission became apparent—share this information with others that are seeking the truth.

Keith is a kind and patient educator, his gift is in helping people to understand historical, esoteric and metaphysical concepts in basic terms.

Keith uses the power of African history, mythology, legend and folklore to assist in healing the hearts and minds of those who are seeking mental and spiritual transformation.

It’s Keith’s mission to share information and resources that will enlighten and empower people that are ready for change and have a sincere desire to “know”.

This information is for all who wish to understand not only where we come from, but also where we are going, and will help facilitate transformation from the inside, out.

For more information or to book a lecture, please visit his website at www.AfroPerspectives.com

When Keith is not teaching history and metaphysics he is teaching young people (ages 10 and up) how to create video games and 3D models and animations through his youth mentoring program: The Creation Station CGLC. For more information about the Creation Station please visit the website at www.CreationStationCGLC.com


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