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Philly Weeden on Giving Back and Supporting Our Boys


“The best is yet to come…be inspired, be ready…” – Philly Weeden

Philipé Winston Weeden is a Designer, Model, Semi-Professional Football Player, Public Speaker, Author, Playwright and now Screen Writer. He has two published books titled REALationship Breakdown Philly Style: Based on Real Life Experiences and The Black Man’s Guide: If You Knew Better You’d Do Better, under his belt and is currently working on his third book.

At a young age Philipé loved to write fictional stories. As he aged and matured his writings were about his own life situations. Throughout Philipe’s life he has experienced good times and bad times. From being married, divorced, and father at a young age. But it doesn’t end there, he was also a member of a famous dance/rap group, the creator of his own clothing line, an off & on football career, a life threatening car accident and even being homeless. Throughout this, Philipé always remained humbled. How he survived? He lifted himself above all his hardships through his walk with God.

Philipé is an avid believer that with God all things are possible! He took a leap of faith and pursued writing. With the encouragement of his Facebook friends, Philipé set out to release all he had pinned up inside of him. He realized that by helping others through words he was in turn helping himself to heal.

His first book REALationship Breakdown Philly Style: Based on Real Life Experiences released October 30, 2011 and pre-sold over 1,500 copies. The focus of this book was to breakdown relationships and help people to retain or gain one. The success of this book, along with the rave reviews from readers, gave Philipé the motivation to release his second book The Black Man’s Guide: If You Knew Better You’d Do Better on January 1, 2012. This book focused on breaking down the male partner of the relationship.

After releasing his second book, Philipé decided to take his writing to another level, birthing the hit stage play If You Knew Better You’d Do Better. The first showing on April 22, 2012 at Cleveland State University was a sold out show. Many of Philipe’s supporters and fans demanded a second show that he delivered on June 3, 2012 which was filmed by TV 20 and aired June 2012. His cast, which he hand-picked himself, consisted of all local Clevelanders with no acting experience.

With all the suspense from the first play many people were left to wonder what happened to the characters and their situations. Since Philipé loves challenges, he embarked on the sequel immediately after the plays sold out show. The sequel titled “If I Knew Then, What I Know” played September 22, 2012 with another sold out performance. Part 3 “If Only You Knew… The TRUTH!” played May 4, 2013 and was the biggest production he has done thus far adding 4 sold out performances. Philipé went back in the lab to bring forth another 3 Part series from a Romantic- Dramedy perspective. First up was “BRUTHA’s… We All We Got!” being performed in front of a sold out audience. He is now looking forward to “God’s Gift to Women!” April 26, 2014. And soon after Philipé will start filming his first movie “If You Knew Better; You’d Do Better!” which premiered November 8, 2014 at Solon Cinemas selling o 4 theaters and over 1,000 people in attendance. Showing a second time at Cedar- Lee Theaters selling out with over 175 people in attendance.

For More information about Philly Weeden visit his website at www.phillyweeden.com

For More information about the Idlewild Music Festival visit www.idlewildmusicfest.org


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