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Mission Unstoppable with Professor Diane M. Lockett

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#1 Best-selling co-author of the book, Mission Unstoppable: Extraordinary Stories of Failure’s Blessings (with co-authors George Fraser, Les Brown and 34 more inspiring leaders). Prof. Diane Maxine Lockett is an award-winning educator, consultant, public speaker, performance poet, “edutainer”, vocalist, publisher, editor, herbalist and a prolific writer. 

She has a diversified background training students on the college level for 22 years while teaching congruently in the public school system. In addition, she has organized and developed training programs in sales, business communications and office technology for private industry, as well as in public school systems. Prof. Lockett is the Vice President of the Detroit Writers’ Guild and the Director of Education at AMP UP, LL.C.

Back-in-the-day, while struggling to raise her children by herself, she consistently worked 2-3 jobs and maintained several streams of income in order to provide a quality education and lifestyle for them. She has experienced pangs of grief with the untimely death of a grandchild and devoted husband one month apart. In addition, she has achieved her educational goals while enduring various hardships. Consequently, she is passionate about encouraging others to hold onto their dreams and persevere against all odds on a mission unstoppable. 

In addition to her speaking engagements, Prof. Lockett is available to record audio books and voiceovers. She has an Expert Voice-for-Hire, and she is a consultant/editor for aspiring writers.


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