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Love, Wine and Empowerment with Jana Brockwell, Owner of Love Wines


“Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.” – Jana Brockwell

Jana Brockwell is the owner and wine maker at Love Wines. She is a second generation vintner who has a passion for lively and exciting  wines.  

She is very attracted to the simplicity of wine as a beverage. You don’t have to follow a recipe to make wine. You take the fruit of the earth (any fruit at all will really do) and figure out the qualities of the fruit. You add a few ingredients, make sure the fruit is clean and stored away from the air, and voila, you have wine.

She has always liked to mix her art with a little science and wine making is just that. There are few rules to making wine. She feels that she can take what the Earth has given her and go with it.

You will find interesting flavors at Love Wines like Razzelberry, Cranberry, and Strawberry Peach Lemonade which comes right from local fruit.

The inspiration for Love Wines came from her parents who built a small vineyard and winery at the site of her childhood home with the help of their family. They put a lot of hard work into the construction and invested all of their retirement.

For more information about Love Wines visit www.ludingtonwine.com

For more information about The Idlewild Music Fest visit www.idlewildmusicfest.org 


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