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July 3, 2015
A Living Legacy – John Meeks The Unofficial Mayor of Idlewild
July 8, 2015
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Images of Idlewild Past and Present with Ronald Griffin Yates Township Supervisor


“There’s nothing greater than to be able to talk to the ancestors to get some information…they’re knowledgeable because they were here before we were here.” – Ronald Griffin, Yates Township Supervisor

My mission to inform you about the history of Idlewild, Michigan took me on journey to experience this town first hand. I wanted to meet the people who live, work and make decisions there every day. I wanted to experience the essence of the spirit of the past first hand by placing my feet on the land. I wanted to hear the stories of those who had experienced all of the excitement from “back in the day” that we can only read and wonder about now. My adventure began at the Yates Township Offices where I sat down with Ronald Griffin, the Township Supervisor. Not only did he give me an insightful interview, but he also took me on a tour of Idlewild and introduced me to the colorful cast of characters that make Idlewild the powerful production that it is. I had so much fun that day. This interview is the First¬†of three that I did to capture the “Images of Idlewild Past and Present.”

– #MMJ

A Call to Action for The Younger Generations: “I would like them to come and enjoy some of the people that we still have here that are still living…like Mr. Meeks, he’s full of knowledge and wisdom, and once he’s gone, it’s gone.”– Ronald Griffin, Yates Township Supervisor

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