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#GetHealthy with Dr. Farid Zarif


“We have to do things that are revolutionary because we are evolutionary.” – Dr. Farid Zarif

Human nutrition can be easily negated in a society over-flowing with non-functional comfort foods. Your awareness to become healthier is the first step to do something about it. I can help you plan the healthiest personal regimen possible that will reflect your personal daily life experiences and goals. Empowering yourself with the latest knowledge will change your life forever. All people live according to a specific rhythm that correlates with heart, brain, elimination, and respiratory rhythms, learn yours.

Specializing in Bariatric Medicine, which means my focus is on over-weight and obese individual children and adults. My approach to treatment is extraordinary and unique to any human nutrition approach. Seek new knowledge and treatment for an effective and favorable outcome.

Initially, discovering what works and does not work serves for the basis of a custom designed eating, physical activity, and rest plan. We determine the rhythm of your natural body clock called the circadian rhythm, then construct a regimen that compliments your style of living for everyday of your life.

Book: Slaves of The Toungue by Dr. Farid Zarif

A clarification on sustained ignorance about the science of the food we eat, and retaining self-control to lower the risks of illness and disease. It is not that we do not know any better, as much as we just will not do any better. We have become slaves to taste, texture, tradition, and masterful deceit. 

Harriet Tubman was noted as saying, “I could have saved many more of my people, if only they knew they were slaves.” You have the privilege and opportunity to save your life and set the example to all that you come in contact. 

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