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May 24, 2015
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Get More Wisdom with Salandra Fleming


“Notice what’s going on inside of you and notice the reaction that you are getting from your surroundings. That is one thing that clues you in to being self-aware.” – Salandra Fleming 

As the founder of Get More Wisdom Christian Services, Salandra Fleming has spent the last ten years inspiring others to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. She specializes in helping her clients to increase overall emotional intelligence by being aware of and practicing healthy Godly behaviors in order to discover what best life that God has designed for them. After years of helping people find and identify their best selves, Salandra decided to share her wisdom and tools with the masses and authored her first book, 10 Questions Every Christian Must Ask.


 10 Questions Every Christian Must Ask is a quick, creative, step-by-step guide to helping women seek God’s wisdom as they uncover their best possible lives.


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