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"Detroit: Arson Capital" with Megan LaCroix

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 “Life is about growing and doing new things and life begins when your level of comfort is being challenged, so go do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.” – Megan LaCroix

Megan LaCroix is the founder of Arson Capital which she started in 2013 while still in college. She is an all-around artist with creative skills that know no limits. Born in Idaho and living in many different places, Megan discovered herself in Detroit. Drawn to the city by graffiti, she says it changed her life and she applies the mindset from the subculture to everyday life. Graffiti is one of the main reasons this city is on the rise and Arson Capital is her way of telling the city’s ever changing current story.  Megan believes that creativity, communities and our youth are the answer to the future. 

Megan is part of a local music group called Coin Laundry that is composed of 7 members from NY, CT, and MI but started right here in Detroit. Music can be found at www.Coinlaundry.co

Her Jewelry can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/AllAroundStyle

View her online portfolio on www.behance.net/MeganLaCroix

She is part of the Art & Design collective based out of Detroit called Heavenly Dogs. Check their website at www.Heavenlydogs.org

About Arson Capital

“An alternative magazine that delivers what other magazines won’t.”

Everything in our lives is connected, be it atoms and cells, life events and relationships or pixels and resolution; Everything that we are and everything that we make. The world, our lives and this universe; Everything is connected and everything is made up of smaller parts from those connections. The sooner we can perceive the world and its people as a community then our perceptions of it can change. That is when our understanding of self, me and you, turns into us. 

We have seen the way angles of perception shape the world. It starts with clear communication. Different forms of communication about and to the world have different results and create different conversations. The only real truth is personal experience and we are getting you as close to personal experience as we can with multimedia coverage of subcultures and people. It is easy to extract yourself by not being in the same walk of life, situations or settings. We assure the world that Detroit is not much different from other parts in the world, while respecting the fact that it is different. Even though people come from an array of places we relate to each other: we are human after all. We inhabit the same world and with the right connections we can help, learn from and live with one another in peace from understanding more than one perspective. 

Arson Capital is a community that helps subcultures grow and connect in order to create a shift in mainstream culture. By uniting different demographics to allow appreciation and inspiration for  new ideas, new connections are made and the frame work for community is built.  

Arson Capital is a link between various life styles to start a creative revolution. A revolution that starts here and doesn’t stop. Once a fire is started, it doesn’t stop spreading. We hold the flame and it will spread from one thing to the next with no restraint. Start a fire, Raise hell, be the Arson Capital. We can illuminate the world with our individual fires if we stand together.

We are the light in all the fabricated shadow over the world. One person can start something big but it takes all of us to make a change. 

For inquiries or questions please contact Arsoncapital@gmail.com




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