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"Decolonize Your Mind" With Daisy Ozim of Resilient Wellness

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“There is strength in vulnerability.” – Daisy Ozim 


Due to years of oppression, the minds of people of color are suffering from an affliction called colonization. Our thinking has hindered our collective success and we continue to suffer. In this interview, Daisy explains some of  the ways in which our minds have been colonized and how to detect and remove limiting beliefs and behaviors caused by this colonization. She also shares how we can regain our connection to our true history, our true heritage and ancestry, and how to grasp the rich knowledge and healing practices that are necessary to bringing about the wholesome development of our communities globally. 


Daisy Ozim, the creator of Resilient Wellness, has been involved in community based outreach and advocacy and civic youth engagement, since her late teens.


As a seasoned health advocate, based in San Francisco bay area, she’s a fierce proponent of health and wellness. She has studied and obtained degree’s in Human Biology and Behavioral and Social sciences.  On top of that, she has dedicated time outside of her advocacy life to train in holistic health. She plans to propel her educational plan much further after completing her current field of study in Public Health. With the goal of healing as a foundation, she seeks to assist in the rebuilding of socially disenfranchised communities. 


For More Information visit her website at www.resilientwellness.org 


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